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at the apartment complex at the intersection of second and "d" street. not far from fresno boulevard. see all of the damage. when crews arrived, neighbors told them a woman was trapped inside. they entered the apartment and found the 81-year-old woman lying unresponsive on the bedroom floor. she remains in the hospital this morning. suffering from second and third degree burns and smoke inhalation. the cause is your honor investigation, but fire officials say a cigarette may have sparked the flames. new at 11:00, the hayward police are asking for help to mind this woman. 64-year-old jennette seng. she lived in an independent living facility in hayward. she was walking to church with a gruch other residents when she suddenly separated from them for some unknown reason. the care facility says she doesn't have any serious health issues, but has left the facility in the past. there are reports that she was
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seen somewhere yesterday in oakland. the mother who lied about the attempted abduction of her 2-year-old daughter may be charged for filing a false police report. san jose investigators discovered the lie after re-interviewing the woman. her story was not consistent. this morning, a number of people are upset about it. police, who spent money on the investigation, and also neighbors. who for 48 hours thought a child predator was on the loose. >> i feel so angry right now because everybody thought it was real and everybody so scared. >> the police will discuss the case with the santa clara county district attorney's office who will decide whether charges should be filed. we now know more about the role a woman in custody may have played in the death of a millionaire. the contra kosta times was told raven dixon set off two other
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suspects in the case. they are members of west oakland gangs known for organizing robberies in oakland and fremont. according to the contra kosta times, she gave information on the mansion and contents. four suspects have been arrested. after 27 years with the force, san jose police chief officially stepping down later today. chris moore announcing early last year he would retire this year on january 18th. as one of his final acts as chief, moore denying san jose's casino matrix the opportunity to open up one of the high-stakes gaming room on the eighth floor. the city will appoint escovel as interim police chief while they look for a full-time chief.
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and some believe their neighborhood is targeted by burglars. one man knocked on her door and then tried to kick it down. it happened in broad daylight. her mother-in-law screamed and the man took off. other neighbors have been founded by aggressive door-to-door salespeople lately. some are afraid to answer the door at all anymore. >> knowing that someone is that brazen to get through the door or want to get through the door, it's gut wrenching for me. i don't want to answer the door. >> police say since the homes are close to the 680 freeway, they are a convenient target for burglars looking for a quick getaway. if someone suspicious knocks on your door, let them know are you home, but without actually opening the door. and right now in the nation's capital, work continues for president obama's inauguration in the nation's mall. the national mall being transformed to america's stage. where president obama will take his oath on monday.
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you can see the stand-ins for the president and first lady there. authorities securing that parade route. a total of more than 800,000 expected to attend this year, and the secret service promising better crowd management this time around. if you recall four years ago, thousands stuck in a tunnel and didn't get to see him being sworn in. preparations are continuing and president obama busy writing a speech. >> i have seen yellow pads filled with writing. >> i don't think he should turn this into a partisan speech, and i think he helps himself when he holds the high ground. >> president obama and vice president joe biden will take the oaths privately sunday and take the public oath in front of the nation on monday. a handful of lucky students from the bay area enjoying the honor of attending monday's presidential inauguration. students with the youth video corps at the media center in palo alto getting tickets.
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the teens being rewarded for producing videos about their own community and will get a chance to hit the road on(1[ historic working trip. >> we know we will be interviewing elected officials, working on maybe trying to get into the white house. will be at the ceremonies. >> how exciting. the teen will be plblogging for the media center and southwest airlines paying for the air fare. and abdul banafa, a college student who won tickets from congressman mike honda's office in a facebook contest. surf's up at the mavericks surf competition happening this sunday. waiting a long time for this one 24 of the world's best surfers riding monster waves at half moon bay. christie smith joins us live from san mateo county with more on what everyone can expect if you plan to head out to the competition and check out the surf and sand. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, john. a contest director and to sa;n8e is thexd director is an understatement. he is using words like increasedible and ferocious to describe the waves we will see this weekend. you should arrive midday saturday and then sunday, world class surfing. the water is calm in half moon bay, giving little sign of the big waves to come. mavericks invitational jeff clark says the action is here. >> i'm really excited. i was checking the buoys and this swell has hit hawaii, and is on its way here. we're really stoked. a lot of people come into town today. >> reporter: to watch 24 of the best big-wave surfers compete for the first time since 2010. >> waves won't be as big as that, but so powerful. this swell is coming from a lot further away, and so the energy in the swell will be ferocious.
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>> reporter: the competition was off, conditions weren't right. but now 40,000 will pack into the coastal town. the oceania hotel is booked solid. viewing for the mavericks vest festival outside. >> the back lot will be set aside. with food, drinks and everybody available to watch on the jumbotron. >> reporter: is it exciting to have it back? >> it is. >> reporter: in 2010, a wave came ashore that knocked the public off their feet, so the public is kept off the coastline. the view could be unbeatable with jump on bo trons. half moon bay is ready. >> when mavericks comes to town, it's nature at its best. it's the best athletes putting their skills to the test. >> reporter: mavericks international action starts at 8:00 a.m. sunday. there is a live webcast.
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you can also watch it on nbcbayanbcba and tickets start at just $10. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> i have to admit i will never surf, probably never will. >> i love the view from the go pro camera. >> a huge weekend all around for sports. gridiron, ice and basketball court. >> of course. 49ers head to atlanta to gear up for sunday's nf everybody l championship game. the winner heads to the super bowl. kickoff at noon. also on sunday, the sharks are leaving the lockout behind, with their season opener in calgary. the puck drops at 4:00. and the harlem globetrotters in the bay area for four games this weekend. our own bob mandel is shooting hoops and will have a report
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later on. >> that's the sports buffet you want to dive in. right now, the weather, priceless. >> if you want to get outside after watching bob, because we don't want you to go anywhere just yet it will be really nice. 11:10, and temperatures comfortable enough for outdoor activities. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s at 11:10. let's get right to the numbers. 55 degrees in concord. 53 in oak lan. 49 degrees in san mateo. and upper 60s and low 70s, tomorrow when we peak on saturday, 72 degrees. really comfortable through the weekend. full forecast in the next report. stay tuned. >> christina, thank you very much. coming up, lance armstrong comes clean on oprah. did you see it? now what his former teammates
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are saying about his confession. and a health care for pablo sandoval. the diagnosis, coming up.
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i guess you could say it's mixed reaction surrounding lance armstrong, last night's televised confession, finally admitting for the most part he cheated and took drugs during his cycling career. >> and chris clackum shows some of that reaction is coming from those who knew him best. >> reporter: in his own words. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> reporter: lance armstrong admitting to oprah winfrey he did use performance enhancing drugs to win his tour de france titles. >> in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> reporter: an admission that armstrong denied for more than a
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decade, including under oath in the 2005 deposition. >> never taken drugs. >> reporter: for years, armstrong viciously attacked those who claimed he was lying. including former teammate tyler hamilton, who today praised armstrong for finally coming clean, but with lsqyskepticism. >> it's a huge, huge first step for lance armstrong. big first step, it's really, you know, what happens next. you know, the proof is in the pudding. >> reporter: if the interview, armstrong admitted to bullying those who went up against him. >> if i didn't like what somebody said. and for whatever reasons in my own head, whether i viewed that as somebody being disloyal, a friend turning on you, i tried to control that. that's a lie, they are layers. >> reporter: the livestrong cancer foundation foued by armstrong, last night's admission brings hope of a new chapter. >> with a little sense of relief, because our organization today can finally move beyond
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this topic and issue. >> reporter: an issue of cheating now resolved, but a regularcy that remains unclear. chris clackum, nbc news. and still no word from manti te'o whose inspiring story about the death of his girlfriend has turned out to be a hoax. t public. notre dame says he was victim of a sick prank. questions linger on whether he was in on the scheme. the answers so far a mystery. and a health scare for pablo sandoval. a picture from a newspaper in venezuela. the world series mvp checking into a hospital there. his brother actually tweeted out sandoval checking in with abdominal pain and doctors diagnosed him with colitis. a swelling of the colon that
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includes abdominal pain. sandoval not doing too bad, allegedly going to be released very soon. just into the newsroom. the giants at a one-year, $13 million year with hunter pence. he was instrumental in the magical playoff run and world series win last season. >> happy to hear that. from baseball to the basketball. some of the best ball handlers in the world right here in the bay area. >> cue the music, please. >> "sweet georgia brown." >> and we are joined live from moscato's. >> the ball handling skills of slick willy shaw, seated here with the harlem globetrotters. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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>> reporter: here at the stratford school. what are you telling them sth. >> abc bullying prevention. we gave them the abc program. action, bravery, compassion. those three words can help prevent and stop bullying from happening in their community. >> reporter: you are from oakland. first year as a trotter. playing for your folks. >> homecoming, so excited about tomorrow. >> reporter: very cool. and you guys have been doing this -- the trotters around for 87 years. i saw you guys a few years ago. so different generation to generation, and this year reinventing your style even more. >> you write the rules, first time ever in the history of sports basketball. the fans' voice will be heard. they get to vote whether they want to see the four-point shot, two basketballs at the same
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time, or points worth double. fans, get out there and vote, your voice will be heard. >> you guys know i have great skills when it comes to getting the ball in the basket. >> mad skills. >> don't have very good ball-handling skills. can you help me with this. >> go around the back, between the legs, between the legs, coming to you. >> all right. >> between the legs, between the legs. >> got it? >> around the back, between the legs, between the legs. elbow. >> off the back. >> between the legs, between the legs, off the elbow. between the legs, between the legs, around the back. >> booty bump. off the bottom. high five. all right. here we go. >> one more. >> one more. like this.
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shot like this. boom, boom. >> that's easy. >> save that for another segment. >> want to show us how to dunk? >> i don't want to. >> oh! nice try. nice try. one more time. quickly, you can see the harlem globetrotters tomorrow and sunday. two show times each day. go to have a good weekend, thank you. >> beautiful. >> i love it. >> bob does have skills. a new name, b-smooth. let's take a look at the forecast. a lot going on. >> he is smooth. i am blown away by that performance. we'll continue to blow your mind when i get to your temperatures, for not just today, but the
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upcoming weekend. made it to friday. 53 degrees in snonl. 56. good morning to you at gilroy. 55 in concord and 55 degrees. sunnyvale, nice. the only piece of bad news, temperatures climbing into the 70s in the middle of winter. high pressure is the reason why, we head the next couple of days, temperatures unseasonably mild. some beach cities hit in the 70s. santa cruz will be the warmest. today's highs, take a look at numbers. 73 in gilroy. 70 in santa teresa. and 67 in santa cruz. not done climbing just yet. want to talk about the big waves out in half moon day. a storm system 1,500 milesw2frh. that brings in the big swells. head through the next couple of days, not that large at all.
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wave heights at four feet will climb 20 to 30 feet. it will be awesome to watch surfers out there catching tubes for longer than 25 seconds. really great surfing action, and if you can't make it to half moon bay, all you got to do is log on to back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, amazing video out of russia, where a firefighter on a rescue mission suddenly needs rescuing himself. coming up next "30 rock" followed by "access hollywood live" and at 1:00, "days of our lives" on nbc bay area.
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this next video a scary scene. a firefighter in russia almost
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taken out by some falling ice as he tries to rescue a child from a burning apartment. scary, as i say. climbing the ladder to the fourth floor, the ice falls right on top of him. falls back, manages to catch himself. unbelievable. clings to that.ñr other firefighters climbed over him, savered the child. and the firefighter was not seriously hurt. amazing stuff there. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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just in time for his inauguration, the white house is releasing president obama's official portrait for his second term. >> how he looks after four years in the white house. taken back on december 6th. seems like he is feeling pretty good about everything. what a difference after four years. not quite as gray in the first one, but the smile, much bigger now four years later. ready for round two. first lady, sporting a new hairdo. hair 1)&bdone.
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check it out. mrs. obama hit the town to celebrate her 49th birthday and show off her new do. if you didn't notice, it's the bangs. >> and you got a new hairdo. >> a little layered out. >> looked sharp. >> what is his twitter handle? >> at flotus. first lady of the united states. >> have a banging friday and a great weekend. >> you're good. thank you, we'll see you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> catch us all day long at >> we'll see you tomorrow. not tomorrow. >> sometime next week.
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attention, all. attention, all. it is with great pleasure i would like to announce
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